The finishing techniques we use at Picture Perfect are distinguished by our attention to detail and our constant quest for quality. Hot foil stamping is one such finishing method, adding details in gold leaf or other precious metals to the print, creating a luxurious, elegant look that catches the eye and adds a touch of sophistication. Embossing, like stamping, creates a relief effect that adds depth to the print. In addition, we master many other finishing techniques, such as die-cutting, which enables us to create complex shapes with great precision.
Other finishing techniques include selective varnish, which highlights specific elements of the print, creating a unique visual and tactile texture. Edge gilding adds a touch of elegance by adorning the edges of the print with precious metals. White ink can be used to create special effects on colored papers, adding an extra dimension to the artwork.
By combining these high-quality finishing techniques with our passion for art and aesthetics, we are able to produce unrivalled luxury prints. These and other techniques are at your disposal to bring your most demanding projects to life.